It’s been a few crazy days, what with interviews, travel, life, the universe, and everything. The temperatures have also skyrocketed into true summer: mid-eighties by 11 am.

So, how to cook in this weather? (Because going out for a sandwich is not really an option.) I generally work on things that do not need much cooking. Quickly steam vegetables. Chop things. Compose salads. Create soups, dips and spreads via the blender or food processor. One of my favorites is a white bean artichoke dip.

White Bean Artichoke Dip

1 6 oz jar marinated artichokes
1 14 to 16 oz can white beans
salt to taste
2 T lemon juice or 1/2 lemon, juiced
pepper to taste
3 T olive oil
herbs/spices to taste (I enjoy fresh oregano or mint)

Puree. Adjust seasoning. Eat on vegetables, crackers, bread, etc. This works well as an appetizer, snack, or lunch.