I’ll admit it. I find it challenging to follow a pattern. Not technically– I can and have counted and used all the correct stitches in the correct places– but my style of making knitted things just does not jive with the chemist’s approach. (I can, however, follow a recipe or instructions for an experiment.)

Freeforming is how I work. Throw on some stitches, do some thinking, and knit until a final product emerges. Sometimes you get surprises. Sometimes they are brilliant. Sometimes, they disappoint. In our highly structured life, I find it helpful to have somewhere to just go. DO IT. When, where, what, why, and however I feel at that particular stitch.

General suggestions for adventurous knitters:

  • don’t do this on things you want a specific size without figuring out your gauge and doing the math first
  • be open to alternative uses
  • accept a certain failure rate (dog toys?)
  • start simple (like a bag — not a sweater)
  • write down your pattern as you make it if you think you could possibly, someday, want to make another one.

Examples from basic to complex can be found here, here, and here.  Good luck, and have at it with those needles.