Hungry and in a hurry.  Last night I swung by the garden on my way home.  An hour later, I realized I was pretty hungry.  And, for once, had no leftovers to eat.  Unfortunately, I had picked peas (shell peas) and had to shell them before I could eat them.  Normally, I really enjoy shelling peas.  There’s a pace, a process, and a certain pleasant repetition to it that supports musing and deep thought.  But, last night, by the time I had finished shelling them, I was hungry to the point of being cranky.  To the rescue: instana-supper!

Recipe on the next page…

Quick and Easy Migas

2 eggs

1 corn tortilla

6 olives, sliced or chopped coarsely (feel free to substitute or add onion, tomato, pepper, etc)

2 T salsa of choice

2-4 Tablespoons cheese (optional)

Beat eggs in a small bowl with 1-2 tablespoons water.  Heat a small saute pan and add 2 teaspoons oil or butter.  Break the tortilla into 1/2″ pieces and add the tortilla and olives to the egg.  Pour into the heated pan.  Scramble.  Top with the cheese and salsa.  Serves one as a main dish, two as an appetizer.

I ate mine with peas.  Lots of delicious, fresh peas from the garden. There are a lot of variations of migas– check out wikipedia, the New York Times, and the Food Network.  Mine is a little different because I chose not to fry the tortillas first.  First, I didn’t want to go to the effort, and second, I’m more interested in getting my extra fat from cookies.  Healthier food for dinner it is.