(GAME: imagine my sheep flock on my theoretical farm)

… would be focused one preserving endangered/rare species, particularly colored fleeces.  Let’s call for an end to a handcrafter monoculture of Merino wool!  Ideally, I’m looking for attributes like good grazing/foraging, easing lambing, and great wool. Possibilites:

  • TUNIS: docile, on the large side, white, and heavy milkers. Funny fat tails!
  • JACOBS: excellent color options with all the lovely spots, small, and reasonably good foragers.
  • HOG ISLAND: some colored animals, very sturdy, excellent mothers, and of historic interest.

Beyond those, Southdowns are a good size as well as good for eating.  Clun Forest are also an interesting option, but don’t seem to be found much in the US.

Thoughts? Suggestions?