Sweet corn and watermelon are delightful summer foods. Somehow, out of season, they never seem so sweet or perfect.  Dropped by a farm stand today and picked up both.  The ear of corn– perfect serving size for one person– and the watermelon is safely in the fridge waiting for a knife to descend.  Perhaps with feta and mint for lunch tomorrow…?

Without a CSA share, I haven’t felt the need to come up with creative serving suggestions.  Boiled (briefly!! don’t kill the corn!!) with a shimmer of butter and dash of salt does it.  But, if I were to be a little more blase about it, there would be raw corn and bean salad, corn fritters, corn frittatas, polenta with fresh corn, creamed corn, and corn with beans chowder.  Hmmm, maybe I should buy some more corn.

Oh yes, corn on the cob is a gluten-free whole grain, has some lovely chemicals that are good for your eyes, as well as being simply delicious when freshly picked.  (Old corn, not picked the same day, needs more than a brief boil to make it worth eating.  The older it gets, the more of the sugars are converted into starches.)