… and I finally tasted gluten-free bread that was supposed to be bread (as opposed to pancakes, or muffins).  Descriptions and surreptitious pokes at loaves had not persuaded me that it was really worth the money ($9.00 a loaf!) or the taste sensation.  Trader Joe’s, especially, has a brown rice loaf that feels like a cinder block and has been described as “sawdust” and “not terrible if you toast and lather with butter.”  As a former bread devotee, I was scared of what I would discover.  What new heights the tragedy of a gluten-free like would bring… (insert tiny little man playing a violin).

Fortunately, I talked to a lovely gardener last week who pointed me in the direction of 1) my oven; 2) Legal Seafoods.  Until Sunday, it had really been too hot to contemplate the oven.  Then I went and ate the last of the eggs, so until I grocery shop, no homemade bread.  But, I had lunch plans with a friend and Legal Seafood was fairly close.

Lo and behold!  Bread!  White rolls, decent crumb, faint corn flavor, not dry at all even without butter.  The manager, who babysits all allergy plates, did not bring me butter.  I was more than happy to forgive in view of the fact that I was definitely being served non-gluten food.    It did not compare to the excellent rolls and loaves of bread that I’ve consumed in massive amounts on German vacations, but it certainly rates higher than Wonderbread.  Pretty close to Pepperidge Farm White Bread, I think.  Not bad at all.

Next adventure: corn crisps. (Sort of like rice cakes, I think.)