Sweet, too soft (think flat cake), and not even a hint of the crunch meets chewiness that is emblematic high quality pizza crusts.  Extra cooking time only leads to crunchy edges with very soggy middles (and I’m not generous with a red sauce).   It could possibly be a weak substitute for a freeform fruit tart crust, or perhaps used instead of ladyfingers or sponge cake in trifle.  It would probably even make a better peanut butter sandwich base than pizza crust.  And, yes, you’ll need the ideas for alternate uses.

Maybe, maybe if you are a devoted fan of the sweet red sauce and deep soggy crust club, you’ll enjoy it.  Any New York or Naples devotee would prefer cardboard.  Possibly even chalk. Need to see it for yourself? Look HERE.

Not worth your hard-earned $8.99 (four personal crusts in two cellophane bags, technically eight servings).

Conclusion: Avoid.