Why on earth do food companies adulterate perfectly good foods? This morning was a bit odd because I had some errands to run and bit of gardening to do before work. I decided to delay breakfast and pick up something from the grocery store (one of the errands). I bought a little container of cottage cheese with pineapple. Both had far too many additions that were not flattering.

And not just additions but completely unnecessary additions. Why do they add modified food starch to cottage cheese? It’s just fine without it. In fact, it’s less weirdly gooey. Even worse, a smidgon of pineapple coated in high fructose corn syrup and modified food starch is close to unrecognizable. It certainly doesn’t add much in the way of fruit to the eater’s diet while giving the eater the sense that they are making a healthy choice.

So, yes, the extra ingredients offend my tongue and culinary pretensions. But they also offer a greater source of risk for anybody who has any type of food sensitivity or allergy. Every single ingredient adds another source of contamination. Every ingredients means that someone reading the label may give up and go eat an apple (no label) and some peanut butter (peanuts, salt).

Shrink the food science, folks. Plainer honest foods are better. Less adulteration = happier customers. If not, we might just go home and make scrambled eggs for breakfast instead. Add a little spinach, and it’s a healthier breakfast than the fruit and cottage cheese.

(Oh, yes, it was Kraft’s Breakstone brand or something like that.)