Shockingly delicious.  And– for those of you with children– they are PURPLE.  Honestly, if you want to make food weirdly exciting, put it on purple crackers.  I ate them three ways: plain, with cheddar cheese, and with a spiced vegetable soup.  The sesame seeds give them a faint savory/nutty flavor without being too noticeable.  Overall, the crackers stood up to the strong flavors in both items without being overwhelming.  The texture was fantastic.  Crisp and crackly without immediately crumbling into shards or feeling like you’re chewing on cement.  It’s easy to imagine they would also be good with tuna salad, bean dips, cold cuts, and other soups.

The package was on the small side, but priced similarly to other gluten free crackers.  The crackers came in two trays wrapped in their own plastic wrapping, which is really an excess of packaging.  The upside: not one cracker was broken.  It also makes it easy to toss one tray of crackers into a lunch bag or stash somewhere for emergency snacks.

While the first ingredient on the list is a whole grain (brown jasmine rice flour), they do not contain significant fiber.  On the other hand, they don’t have very many calories or grams of fat either (60 cal/1 gram fat per 7 crackers).  And, unlike many crackers, the sodium is quite low: a mere 35 mg.  I will definitely be exploring the other flavors– Thai Red Rice & Flaxseeds and Jasmine Rice & Spring Onion– and would be happy to serve these crackers to guests and friends.  However, given the price of gluten-free crackers compared to plain rice or potatoes, they will remain on the “entertaining”, “treats” and “food for traveling” lists.

The company: Edward & Sons