I read with some dismay your opposition to the new proposal to
eliminate sodas from state property for two main reasons. First, it
is the state’s property. The state has to right to refuse commercial
use of any type. Just as a strip club would be unacceptable on our
great state monuments, any other activity such as vending machines may be refused. Even for purely aesthetic reasons, soda machines may be inappropriate. To throw around the idea that we are infringing upon workers’ rights to drink soda is absurd. Any adult has the right to bring or purchase food and drink at nearby establishments.

Second, from a nutrition and health perspective, that walk over to the
store would both encourage activity and perhaps even decrease soda
consumption and the associated health problems. Dental cavities,
obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes are all associated
with high soda consumption and carry high cost burdens on society.
Our bodies all need more activity and less sugar and caffeine. Our
state workers should set a good example and be supported in their
efforts by the state. Any move to promote a healthful environment is
to be applauded.