Okay, so they probably don’t actually deserve the “!.” And they aren’t that different from what we got the last time. A few highlights:

  • Eat less (coulda seen that coming… no..?)
  • Back off the salt!  (ditto)
  • More produce
  • Reduce “solid fats” (*cough* babble-speak)

Seriously, anyone who watches the news could have produced that list.  Except perhaps the weird phrase solid fats, which is going to confuse the majority of people who care.  Food labels list saturated fats, and solid fats aka sat & trans fats are found in both liquid and solid foods, and are often the fats found in processed foods that the consumer views more a carbohydrate.  Like cake, or doughnuts.

Oh well.  Theoretically, there is also a greater shift towards viewing the food system as a whole, rather than just the consumer being the all-powerful being determining his/her own destiny.  We’ll see what I think after I read more than the summary page.

Link: http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/dietaryguidelines.htm