See Gluten-Free Menu Plan #1 for some background.

Basically, here are a few suggestions for eating gluten-free with minimal cooking.  The disadvantages of using processed foods are primarily nutritional, but could include the issue of hidden gluten if you aren’t reading the labels well or have accidentally purchased older stock.  Your salt intake will likely be higher, your fiber intake lower, refined grain intake higher, and sugar will also probably be higher.  Overall vitamins and minerals will vary, depending on your choices. As you probably know, less processed is better!

Sliced ham or turkey with cheese, rolled in a heated corn tortilla
Fruit cup (in juice please, not syrup)

2 Van’s Buckwheat Waffles
2 T peanut butter or almond butter
1 T real maple syrup
Sliced apple or pear

Gorilla Munch or other gluten free cold breakfast cereal
1 cup plain yogurt
1/2 c sliced fruit or berries

Part-skim mozzarella cheese stick
Crackers, Mary’s Gone or Schaar Table Crackers
Apple or pear or fruit cup

Udi’s bread, toasted
Carrot and celery sticks, or cucumber slices
Fruit cup, or piece of fruit of your choice
Drink, preferably low or no sugar

Amy’s Lentil Soup
Crackers, rice
Fruit of choice

Bush’s Baked Beans (read the label– the original is definitely safe)
Brown Rice (you can buy this frozen or in a microwave bag if your week is that awful, but I favor the rice cooker)
Fruit or salad

Hormel Low Sodium Chili with Beans (read labels!)
Fruit or salad

Scrambled eggs
Microwave baked sweet potato or brown rice
Broccoli (frozen, and microwave but fresh usually tastes better)

Nachos: tortilla chips, black beans, salsa, cheese, olives, chilies, sour cream, etc. OR Taco salad

Pacific Natural Foods Organic Savory White Bean with Smoked Bacon Soup OR Pacific Natural Foods All Natural Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup**
Crackers or toast
Vegetables sticks: cucumber, carrot, celery, fennel, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, etc

Classico tomato sauce with
Frozen Spinach
Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta

**spicy hot hot hot