Meh.  Not really worth the effort.  The brown rice crust was too think and inclined to shred, the cheese was sort of freeze-dried and didn’t quite melt into the gooey stretch expected of a good pizza, and I honestly don’t remember the sauce but I vaguely think it was a little too sweet.  Basically, it was bland and not bad for school lunch pizza but not something I’ll purchase again unless I’m in a serious pinch.

On the other hand, it was technically pizza and fulfilled the desire to have take-out pizza on my vacation.  It was one small serving, (310 calories) making it a reasonable entree for one with space for a salad or appetizer of some sort while it bakes.  Nutritionally, I’d recommend buying or making crusts and topping them yourself.  This was sweet (4 g of sugar… on a pizza??), had a lot of salt (700 mg), and was a little low in fiber (a mere 2 g) for a whole grain crust.

Glutino Frozen Meals