One of the gluten-containing recipes that I miss is Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s Cappellacci with Sweet Squash.  It’s a unique blend of sweet and savory that is chock full of vegetables.  The most similar commonly available dish is pumpkin ravioli, but this was better.  Basically, it’s a squash filling inside a pasta exterior.  My alternative has been to make a variation of the filling and use it in other ways.  The range of options listed below is also a nice way to stretch one main dish across a week without too much effort.

Squash Filling

1 large sweet potato

16 oz pumpkin or winter squash puree (Lynne calls for butternut squash but I’m flexible)

1/2 c parmesan cheese

1 T butter

1 t sage

Black pepper to taste

Cook the sweet potato.  Cool, and peel.  Puree until smooth with the squash, sage, butter, cheese*, and black pepper.

To use as a soup*: Neglect the cheese in the above step.  Add the puree to a pot and heat, stirring regularly.  Thin slowly with broth until it reaches your desired consistency and serve topped with cheese and fresh sage leaves, if available.

To use as a dip: Add an additional 1/2 c cheese.  Serve with crackers or bread.

Quesadilla: Layer the filling between two corn tortillas.  Heat a little butter or olive oil in a pan with a sprinkle of sage.  Add the quesadilla and heat until lightly browned.  Flip, and brown the other side lightly.

To use in a casserole: Layer with cooked polenta or lasanga noodles.  If desired, layer with ricotta cheese, and top with additional parmesan.

Use as a pasta sauce: Heat 1 T olive oil and cook minced garlic for about 30 seconds.  Mix into the squash mixture and heat through.  Toss with cooked pasta.