Seedlings Photos

This spring has been discouraging, in gardening terms. Basically, cold. I would normally have already puttered about and set out seeds for at least spinach and peas, if not also for greens like mustard or kale. The CAT has a history of eating my seedlings (parsley is a particular favorite and she likes beans almost as much as deer do), so my space for starting seedlings is limited not just by appropriate lighting but also by what she is forbidden to access or cannot reach. That translates to yielding up valuable counter space, so I’ve only started plants in a few little scrounged containers (reusing ranks higher than recycling!).

Groundcherry Seedlings

Osaka Mustard Green Seedlings

In my-not-so-great photos, you’ll seed groundcherry sprouts on top (seeds from Leigh Hurley in Vermont) and Osaka Mustard Greens (seeds from Happy Cat) with their first set of real leaves just branching out below.


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