Normal people count sheep, or watch crappy TV, or muse about how they should have lived their lives. I bake, and catch up on blog reading.

A few tidbits:
Marion Nestle
Where’s our rigor? What are we going to do about that?

China’s Children
Really, what does their future health look like? Are we going to overwhelm China via McDonald’s?

DOJ holding on tight to anti-trust findings…
Seriously? Ironic*. I’ll bet you lunch that industry will be unhappy with the findings. Incidentally, I’m planning to write a flaming blog post about one particular impact of vertical integration, so stay tuned.

And, because I like maps:
Factory Farm Map

Sleep well.

*My bitter irony is tempered by the fact that I find myself remarkably pleased to see that the Sister of St Francis of Philadelphia are one co-signer.