author: Kui-Doraku
There’s been a rash of upset stomachs recently. Food poisoning, bugs, NSAID induced discomfort, general stress, etc. are all leading to a little misery in my neighborhood. Not eating is always an option for a little bit, but you do need to eat at some point. I like to start with very basic foods, mostly liquid with a little carbohydrate and salt.  At this point, fat and fiber are usually a bad idea. Staying hydrated when you’re ill is always important. Try to take a spoonful or two of liquid at a time even if an entire cup is too much.  Always seek medical attention when dehydration is a problem!

  • tea with honey and lemon or gatorade
  • chicken soup (noodles or rice)
  • vegetable broth
  • plain rice or millet  (often in broth, above)
  • applesauce
  • gelatin (plain, or a little apple juice for flavor)
  • plain baked potato (no skin)

When you’re starting to feel a bit better, upgrade a little and try something a bit more interesting.  This is when I add in some protein and a little fiber, but not too much.

Once that’s all going well, it’s easy to gently slip into foods with more acid, fiber, and fat.  Easing back into your normal habits about 10-20% at a time is usually a safe speed that supports a comfortable progression.  Raw foods, dairy, and high fat foods like fried items, avocado, or nuts are generally the toughest to digest.  Use your best judgement!