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Link: Federal Register

The rule discusses requiring chain restaurants (20+ locations) to display caloric info. So, small businesses would be excluded and would not carry the financial burden of reporting. Here’s a bit of background from Marion Nestle. See my comment below, and add your voice.

I strongly ( typo, insert support) requiring calorie disclosures on alcoholic beverages. Please note that alcohol beverages:

1) are significant sources of calories,
2) contain relatively few nutrients,
3) are often of varied sizes, mixtures, and types of alcoholic beverages, making it difficult to judge the calorie content.

For consumers facing complex decisions in the face of their health, the difference between selecting a high calorie large mixed beverage (500+ cal) compared to a small, lower calorie glass of wine (70 cal) can be significant over even just one meal. Over a month, or year, it could be the difference between weight gain that contributes to requiring medications and treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure, knee or back pain, etc. In a society facing increasing health costs in terms of both financial burden and quality of life issues from obesity and obesity-related health conditions, reasonable actions that enable citizens to easily make sensible decisions should be fully supported and regulated when the market does not promote them. In this case, neither the market nor the TTB (this is the treasury department in charge of regulating alcohol) have acted.

As a mandated protector of human health, the FDA should act to regulate calorie displays on alcoholic beverages as it has on other foods like soda.