Author: Zara J
When was the last time you thought about how your socks were produced? Not whether there are weird bumps, holes, or an unraveling thread, but instead about whether they are synthetic or natural and the people and processes involved in turning that cotton, flax (linen), silk, wool, or oil into the garment you put on your feet this morning (or yesterday).

Well? What do you think?

Remember, it’s food and fiber production. Check out Fibershed for an intriguing project and a few educational stats. She also has some beautiful clothing.

Full disclosure: I own an enormous range of socks. Handknit, commercially produced, domestic, international, wool, silk, cotton, organic, non-organic, Smartwool, and mostly synthetic (running socks that I adore). I think I even have a pair of socks that is a blend of angora, wool, and something synthetic.