Mustard GreensI used to eat an egg and cheese on a multi-grain bagel about once a week. It was an easy filling breakfast to snag on my way to work when I knew it was going to be a very long day or I just plain ran out of time or food. I’ve been missing them recently (overexposure to a Dunkin’ Donuts campaign?), so I’ve been eating egg sandwiches for weekend breakfasts or a quick supper instead. Why? They’re quick, easy, and reasonably healthful; cooking the egg doesn’t even require too much heat. Add a side of carrot sticks, some pepper strips, or an apple, and it’s a pretty decent meal.

Egg Sandwich

2 slices bread* or corn tortillas
1 T olive oil or butter
5-6 mustard leaves** or 1 generous handful spinach, washed
1 egg
Mustard, or mayo, to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

Toast the bread or tortillas. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a pan over medium heat. Coarsely chop the greens, and add to the pan. When they start to wilt, nudge them into a circle and make a hole in the center. Break the egg into the hole. Top with salt and pepper, if desired. When it starts to solidify, flip, breaking the yolk if desired (I like mine cooked solid, so I always break them). Don’t let it brown, but you want it to hold together when you flip it. Cook until done. Remove to the bread/tortillas, top with any remaining greens, and add any condiments. Enjoy!

*Currently, brioche bread of Glutenus Minimus in Belmont, MA. Delish, but soo decadent and $$. Back to whole grain goodness this week…
**I’ve been eating homegrown, pictured above, they are as delicious as they are beautiful.

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