Lacking bread, they’re not a sandwich in the classic tradition of the Earl of Sandwich. However, the merging of the mint, salty olives, tangy goat cheese, and crisp cucumber slices makes a delightful canape, side dish, or even light main dish. I even ate them for breakfast yesterday. (Admittedly, the day before I ate tofu with cabbage and butternut squash so that doesn’t mean the average Jane would eat them for brakfast.) Mix it up by changing the herbs– dill, basil, chives, or parsley would probably be quite delicious too.

Cucumber Goat Cheese ‘wiches

1/3 large seedless/English cucumber
1 oz fresh goat cheese
6-8 flavorful olives, chopped
2 springs fresh mint, leaves chopped
Black pepper, to taste
Optional: Drizzle of olive oil
1/8 t balsamic vinegar

Slice the cucumber diagnolly, into very thin long pieces. Mix the goat cheese, olives, mint, and black pepper. Spread half the cucumber slices with the mixture. Top with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, if desired. Add the top slice of cucumber to create a “sandwich.”

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