Food Policy

What does eating meat mean to you? Emotionally, nutritionally, or economically? These researchers take a gander at the financial impacts of meat/plant-based diets on the food industry. (OK, you don’t have to read it. Eating less meat would make corn and meat cheaper. But, there are exceptions to the rule as some fruit/veg are quite expensive per calorie and some land is best suited to grazing animals. Meat also holds considerable social status.)

What does the farm bill mean to public health professionals? This public health-based approach calls for a series of basic steps as we call for a a new farm bill and moderate* shifts in our food system.

Why do you care about plant genetics? Well, it’s where the future of food meets the history of food. Food Ark in National Geographic gives a compelling pictures of efforts and reasons for saving seeds and growing a modern plant breeding program for localized varieties. I am, btw, a listed Seed Savers Exchange member. Gardeners and farmers unite!

Kitchen and Recipes

Because it’s pea season, and I harvested a pretty substantial load of ’em last weekend. These savory non-muffins are a great idea for lunch boxes or picnics, but I’ll have to do some serious adaptation. I’m on the fence about this retro dessert called Apple Snow. Hmm… let me know if you try it.

Hardcopy? The New York Times New England Cookbook. Do you know how to cook dandelion stems?

*There are systems in which sudden change is feasible, but the food system is probably not one of them. I should argue that out in a full post.