It’s not about whether you snack on potato chips, or whether you eat nuts, on any single day. Eating nuts and yogurt alone will not make you healthy. Avoiding potato chips alone will not make you healthy. Take that, mass media! Stop over interpreting an observational study!

Food choices impact health as each and every item adds up over a week, a month, a year to create a lifetime of health. Strong bones, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, the energy for daily life, or the ability to climb a mountain develop from minor and major decisions. Choosing nuts, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains as the backbone of your diet would most likely give you a fighting chance towards good health and vigor. Build a diet that is rich in nutrients and not overprocessed. And don’t eat too much nonsense like… fried potatoes. Oh, yes, previous research has shown that trading nuts for meat is a pretty good start to that good health. (They didn’t have enough women eating beans to analyze them with enough strength. So I still think beans are an even better option.)

What actions could be helpful for weight control:
-trade your chips for vegetables or fruit
-switch out some meat for yogurt or nuts
-trade some potatoes for whole grains

Didn’t you already know that? One white potato is not the end of the world. One cup of yogurt is not your salvation. It’s your whole plate adding together, as each item you consume meets your past and tells your fortune.