I’ve been musing, recently, about international food aid programming vs. domestic food aid. (Caveat: The range of my thoughts are constrained by only a basic knowledge of international programming.) One of my frustrations has been that it appears that the successful program from abroad aren’t often transformed for domestic use. My main example was Positive Deviance. Lo and behold, in the NYT, there is an article about the approach worked into domestic programming.

On another note, gardening and small scale agriculture has such potential to reach millions of people. Producing even just $100 of food from a $10 investment is incredible. Roger Doiron continues his quest in publicity via a TedX talk in Maine this fall. Give him your thoughts on growing the movement.

Celebrity kind of annoys me. I’ll admit it; I don’t want the homegrown, healthy food, orsustainable ag communities to need chefs or movie stars or cartoon characters. On the other hand, I have some grudging respect for Jamie Oliver. He may have entered Huntington, WV without a great understanding of culture or buearacratic limitations on school food, but his motives are pretty good and he connects with people. Here’s a recent interview with him.

Sadly, just in case you needed some inspiration to keep eating well and promoting a better food system, the stats on human health are even more depressing than you think. Fooducate tossed up a few obesity stats and yet another recent study indicates that diabetes is still on the rise. Darn it. (On the other hand, satisfaction with life may decrease risk of heart disease, so don’t get to upset about the stats.)

Stay cool through the heat wave with some snazzy lemonade or a cold gluten-free beer. Lacking that, check out the cooling centers in your area if necessary!