Simply, I’m a fan of the new Gluten-Free Rice Crispies. Breakfast cereal generally strikes me as one of those food manufacturer plots to get you to pay lots for adulterated food and unethical advertising to children, but cold cereal has a few advantages:

    1) It’s cold.
    2) It’s shelf-stable, aka non-perishable, and ready to eat.
    3) You can take it through airport security.
    4) It’s yummy smushed up with nut butter to make homemade cereal bars.

Prior to the gluten-free jazz, I would snag the occasional box of Honey Nut or Multigrain Cheerios, or perhaps some organic multigrain flake from Nature’s Path. Rice crispies were not really on the list. In other words, I’m not comparing them to the original Rice Crispies. The texture of the new version is quite pleasant, nice and crunchy, and I can easily imagine using them to “bread” things in the place of cracker crumbs. They do make excellent homemade cereal bars, and I like them straight out of a bowl or with fruit. Even better, they are now whole grain (brown rice), and very low sugar for a breakfast cereal (less them 1 gram or 4 calories per 1 cup). Like most breakfast cereals, they are also heavily fortified with nutrients. Whether that is good or bad depends on your personal philosophy and perspective. I’m neutral on the issue, as it is very helpful for some populations but not necessary for all. Like rice, one serving is not particularly high is fiber or protein, but they are low enough in calories that it’s easy to add some fruit/nuts/milk to create a balanced meal.