It’s hot. Still, or again. In the dog days of summer, I fall into chickpea and raw vegetable kicks. Hummus with carrot sticks is always good, but this salad makes a pleasant change. Cubing the vegetables turns them into a new experience, and it’s almost infinitely flexible. Trade out the kohlrabi for tender baby turnips, jicama, or perhaps some radishes. Trade the carrot for orange or red bell pepper… If you’ll eat it raw, you can use it here. I usually make it up in bulk, and eat it over several days for lunch or as a side dish. Try stuffing it in pita bread, tossing with rice or quinoa, adding to a wrap, or serving over lettuce.

Vegetable Salad, cubed

1 small kohlrabi
1 small carrot
1 small cucumber (preferably “pickling”)
1/2 c cooked or canned chickpeas, drained (or black beans, or white beans, or lentils)
2 T homemade vinaigrette
Shaved or minced onion or shallot, to taste
Fresh herbs, to taste (dill is good, as are thyme and parsley)

Dice the vegetables and toss with the chickpeas, dressing, and herbs. Serve chilled.

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