Recently, yet another study came out to reinforce the idea that a little dark chocolate can be pretty good for you. Here, the author was looking a mice running on treadmills. (Spoiler: when fed yummy chocolate plant-chemicals, they ran longer.) This author was quoted in the NYT Well Blog as saying that all you really needed was 5 grams a day. “5 grams?!” I thought,”Uh-oh… must eat less chocolate.” Even worse, more might be too much to benefit from the chemical’s effect.

The standard reference they taught back in elementary school was that a paperclip was about 1 gram. So, as you can see, 5 grams of chocolate is just a bite or two. The chocolate square above weighed almost exactly 5 grams, and is on top of a checkbook to give you some perspective on size. If you care, the brand pictured is Dolfin, and they have some interesting flavors. (I don’t recommend the anise despite being fond of both anise and chocolate.) Trader Joe’s Unsweetened baking rounds are also about 5 grams each. Otherwise, pull out that kitchen scale the next time you bring home a chocolate bar.