Eat More Vegetables: Tip #4

Snack Smartly. And, no, that doesn’t mean picking diet coke with a little green icon on it over regular coke. We’re talking substituting vegetables.

Examples in action:

1. Carrots and hummus (or cucumbers and hummus).
2. Blanched vegetables, cold, with or without a nice vinaigrette.
3. Zucchini/carrot/beet muffins (find a whole grain, low sugar recipe).
4. Vegetable spring rolls.


2 thoughts on “Eat More Vegetables: Tip #4

  1. Stephanie, thanks for visiting me! I’m going t have to turn my Mom onto your site as she has restricted diet and struggles cooking just for herself. BTW, my sister’s name is also Stephanie.

    • Good name, isn’t it ;-)? If you mom wants to post/e-mail me specifically what she avoids, I’d be happy to add her restrictions to my recipe rotation. I like the challenge (usually).

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