Focus on sauces. Sauces, gravies, and condiements can all be vegetable-based. Move beyond the dill pickle and marinara sacue by trying piccalilli, roasted red pepper purees, carmelized onion sauces, dilly beans, or cucumber peach salsa. Think of them as an extra credit vegetables!

Examples in action:
1. Trade out the mayo for an eggplant and olive tapenade, a spiced green tomato chutney, or a basic vegetable relish. Freshly made, they can highlight sweet, tart, and umami flavors that are hidden under salt and sugar in commercially made mixtures.

2. Choose a mushroom sauce over cheese sauce. (Sometimes, not always.)

3. Use roasted vegetables in your next alfredo sauce.

4. Try new salsas: homemade can be lower in salt and brilliantly flavored with fresh herbs and citrus.