Buy a new toy. Caveat: Not an approach for long-term sustainability. When you reach the downhilll slope of fading interest, though, it might be time to break down and buy a mandoline.

Examples in action:

1. Buy a larger kitchen item (like a blender) you’ve been meaning to buy, but haven’t gotten around to snagging. Make a list of vegetable-based recipes using it and stick it on the fridge. ($$$)

2. Pick up a little fun accessory, like really awesome vegetable skewers for vegetable kabobs, or a peeler that makes fun shapes. ($-$$)

3. Find a nice little cookbook with some interesting vegetable recipes like *cough* mine. ($-$$)

4. Go gourmet and splurge on that tiny basket of beautiful multi-color cherry tomatoes, romesco broccoli, or something you’ve never cooked before. ($)