Eat More Vegetables: Tip #9

Buy a new toy. Caveat: Not an approach for long-term sustainability. When you reach the downhilll slope of fading interest, though, it might be time to break down and buy a mandoline.

Examples in action:

1. Buy a larger kitchen item (like a blender) you’ve been meaning to buy, but haven’t gotten around to snagging. Make a list of vegetable-based recipes using it and stick it on the fridge. ($$$)

2. Pick up a little fun accessory, like really awesome vegetable skewers for vegetable kabobs, or a peeler that makes fun shapes. ($-$$)

3. Find a nice little cookbook with some interesting vegetable recipes like *cough* mine. ($-$$)

4. Go gourmet and splurge on that tiny basket of beautiful multi-color cherry tomatoes, romesco broccoli, or something you’ve never cooked before. ($)


4 thoughts on “Eat More Vegetables: Tip #9

  1. Make your toys more sustainable by buying used — and when you lose interest in usable stuff please do sell or give away rather than landfill. If you buy a used whatever and find you don’t know how you ever lived without it, you can always upgrade.

  2. Hi, I thought of you and this post when I was in an appliance store yesterday buying the biggest toy of all–a new stove! Our old one is just about dead with the oven no longer reliable. Wow, but the new stoves are exciting. I’m getting one with two ovens. Imagine being able to cook things at two separate temps at the same time! Can’t wait!

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