Sadly, the subject seems to be popping up more often. The following annotated list reviews some of the online recipes and information for cancer patients undergoing treatment. Please remember that you should consult your health care providers about any concerns or diet changes during treatment.

Dana Farber Health Library
The library has a list of over 100 recipes in addition to general information about different types of cancers, treatments, and articles relevant to nutrition and nutritional support. The recipes are not categorized, but rather feature healthful ingredients like avocado or chard. Sidebars provide nutrition trivia and the “Nutrition Facts” for the recipe.
The cancer treatment programs has a number of informational pages (regular readers of this blog may find most of that information familiar) along with a short selection of recipes in PDF format. In addition, there is some limited information about managing with side effects like appetite loss or nausea (see side bar).

Mayo Clinic
The in-depth section offers more detailed articles about side effects and managing them (you have to read through the full list, but there are a number of nutrition-oriented ones). The Mayo Clinic does have some recipes listed, but not directed specifically at cancer patients.

Eating Well during Chemotherapy
In a roundabout way, the content here is provided by the Cleveland Clinic. There are a few nice elements, including a simple page describing some of the common restricted diets patients may be asked to follow. The Cleveland Clinic’s website does have some recipes, but not specifically directed at cancer patients.

Find an Oncology Dietician
The title says it all.

Books to explore for more specific recipes, especially in relation to eating with side effects:
The Cancer Fighting Kitchen
What to Eat During Cancer Treatment
American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Nutrition for Cancer Survivors