Come autumn, I develop I mild obsession with all things apple. They are the most perfect fruit: crisp, juicy, sweet, sour, fruity, and perfectly-sized for a pocket. Or a pie. One of my goals each year is to try a new variety. Some of the memorable varieties in past years include Ginger Gold (2002), Spencer (2009), Cameo (2007), and Mutsu (2004). Less enjoyable varieties included Arkansas Black, and Honeycrisp, which I just don’t like.

This year, I had the pleasure of tasting Swiss Gourmet aka Arlet. A European Variety, it was bred from Golden Delicious and Idared during the 1980s. It’s very popular in Europe, and working on making it’s way to the Americas. It is an apple that is pure apple: not too sweet, not too sour, perfectly crisp, not a hint of mealiness, and a shiney red skin. Reports indicate that it will hold its shape well when cooked (like Golden Delicious), making it an appropriate pie, crisp, or crepe-stuffing apple. (Mine aren’t going to make it into anything baked or cooked.) Rumor has it that they are good keepers, and favored by home growers.

Quick Apple Salad

5 small apples, preferably a mixture of varieties
1/2 lime, juiced
1 T honey
1/4 c raisins
3 T chopped almonds or walnuts, toasted

Toss ingredients together, and enjoy.

Image of Arlet/Swiss Gourmet apples, via Wikimedia Commons, photographed by Teschke

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