I’ve been rather delinquent this month. I was supposed to make a beautiful, classic bowl of consomme for the Daring Kitchen Challenge, as Peta of Peta Eats proposed. (That clear, classic French broth.) The problem is, much of the pleasure of the bowl is supposed to come from the gelatin simmered from bones and tendons. Work that into a vegetarian (in practice, not perfection) kitchen ! Where’s my motivation?

The recipe for a vegetarian recipe called for tomatoes, which further discouraged me. Finally, I dig up a recipe for a mushroom consomme and decided to go with a slightly strong version of the garlic mushroom broth I use for egg drop soup.

Herbed Mushroom and Garlic Broth

5 dried mushrooms, broken into small pieces
6 large cloves garlic
1 carrot, ends trimmed off and sliced into rounds
1 bay leaf
1 t thyme
3-4 dried sage leaves
1 t rosemary
2 c water

Simmer all the ingredients, covered for 40 minutes. Strain.

Optional: Clarify by: beating an egg white, stirring into the soup, simmering for 10 minutes, and removing with a slotted spoon (strainer, cheesecloth, whatever you can make work). I can’t bring myself to waste the egg.