Sometimes, I’m a little slow on the update. Today, September 30, I stumbled upon an interesting effort: October Unprocessed 2011. It’s not a pledge to start with wheat berries and a cow, but rather to eat foods that are easily made in a home kitchen.

The major requirement is to read labels for real ingredients you might use at home. So, no soy lecithin, but baking soda is just fine. Since I have made many random foods, like miso, I’m not imagining it will be that challenging. I’m fully aware of what I eat (see a few thoughts about my awareness) but I’m looking forward to enjoying a different focus to my label-reading. The challenge would be eating absolutely nothing packaged: no salsa, no mustard, no soy sauce…

My caveats:

– (given no prep time) I will finish anything perishable in the pantry that might otherwise be discarded (not sure what that might be, but I probably have something that has xantham gum in it)
– I will definitely drink tea! Daily.
– I will not be obsessive when I am a guest in someone else’s home. I’m already obsessive enough.
– I will have chocolate at the movies and on plane trips.

Care to join us?