Wild Rice Salad with Brussels Sprouts

You probably haven’t guessed that I’m a fan of the cole/cabbage/brassica family, have you? No? Well, here’s another recipe cum guideline to prove it.

Preparing perfect brussels sprouts requires three tricks. First, always slice from the bottom of the brussels sprout vertically about halfway to the top. On large sprouts, make a second slice perpendicular to the first, so you have an x when you look the base of the sprout. Doing this allows the steam or heat to reach the interior of the petite cabbage much faster, evenly cooking the interior and exterior. Second, taste them. Don’t just declare them done. Third, don’t overcook them. They should be bright green and tender, not olive and soggy.

Wild Rice Salad with Brussels Sprouts

1 stalk brussels sprouts (mabe 2 1/2 cups?)
1 small red onion, diced
Olive oil
White wine vinegar
Mustard, preferably dijon-style
Black pepper
Around 2 c cooked wild rice
About 1 1/2 c cooked or canned chickpeas, drained

Trim and steam the brussels sprouts. If they are large, slice in half or quarters. Dice the red onion. Meanwhile, mix a dressing to your taste. (Typical ratios of vinegar/lemon juice to oil are around 1:3 but I prefer 1:2.) Season the dressing with mustard, pepper, and thyme. Toss the brussels sprouts, wild rice, chickpeas and red onion in the dressing. Serve warm or at room temperature.

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6 thoughts on “Wild Rice Salad with Brussels Sprouts

  1. They are also great when they are pan seared and then flash steamed with a little chili, garlic, and soy sauce… yum! The other trick is to let them get hit by a frost. Makes them a touch sweeter.

    (The consensus around the lunch table is that frozen brussels sprouts, with their sogginess and bitter overtone, turned a generation of eaters away from a perfectly acceptable vegetable.)

  2. I love brussel sprouts and just bought a beautiful bunch still on the stock. SO lovely. Thanks for coming by Beyond The Peel and your helpful tips. I look forward to checking out your creations.

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