One of my earliest posts was about ways to use corn tortillas. Cheap, readily available, gluten-free, and part of a traditional eating pattern, corn tortillas are a handy pantry staple. (Read the ingredients to ensure gluten-free if you care.) One can always make tacos or fajitas, but here are some unconventional uses for them as well.

1. Peanut butter and jam/apple/banana/honey sandwich. Best if lightly toasted in a little butter until quite crisp.

2. Pizza crust. Go easy on the toppings, or it will fall apart. Trust me– this is the voice of experience speaking.

3. Tuna salad quesadilla. Toast this one in olive oil, maybe with a bit of garlic if you have some handy.

4. Bake strips to use as croutons on salads. Or soups, any type. To truly fancy them up, coat the top with a thin layer of parmesan and herbs before baking. Or, brush with a little oil and sprinkle with ground spices of your choice.

5. Mexican “pizzas.” This is was something I remember vaguely from road trips as a child. It was was two stacked tostadas with ground beef on the bottom and the refried beans, vegetables, cheese, and probably some sort of sauce on the top. Make your own– smear the bottom one with refried beans and/or meat, then top the second one with your favorite combo of taco toppings. Bake, and eat with a napkin tucked in your collar. It will be messy but wonderful.

How do you use corn tortillas?