The new Field Guide to the New American Foodshed is focused more on helping businesses establish themselves than assisting consumers, but the case studies are quite interesting for all and they have a nice simple introduction to the concept of a foodshed.

If you’re behind on the Farm Bill, catch up with a very brief overview from Food + Tech. You can really develop an understanding of the different titles and their costs via the Farm Bill Visualizer. (BTW, when people natter on about “subsidies” they are typically refering to the Direct Payments box, which pales in comparison to the SNAP spending. Oh, can you even find the Seniors Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program?)

And, finally, for your entertainment as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast, Food Sleuth Radio. The 11/3 show is great for all, and there is also an ealier series about celiac and gluten-free living.