“Tithing is a common practice, whether to a traditional institution of worship or via subscribed giving to another non-profit or charitable organization.”

I started this post three weeks ago, and no longer have any idea what I was going to say after that sentence. It’s been an odd month, and not much in the way of interesting cooking* due to illness, travel, and a week full of holiday parties. Nonetheless, as we pause for a deep breath, wrap up our shopping, and exchange gifts, what are we doing to support our families, communities, and countries? I’ve done very little recently, sadly, but do intend to do some volunteer time in January.

1. Work on transitioning leadership in my community garden. Meeting #1 set up, herb garden diagram drawn, seeds not yet sorted, must confirm no stray papers in with my own filing.

2. Community nutrition talks: Rotary club, public library.

3. Contribute to the Boston Gardener’s Council’s plans for 2012 Produce to Pantries. I think I was assigned a vague instruction about creating a recipe collection, but wasn’t at that meeting. Must clarify.

4. American Community Garden Association Research Committee. Again, somewhat unsure what I’m supposed to do this month… was actually on the phone call, but see above note about illness. Yeah… might have been better off not being present.

5. Plan 2012 charitable donations.

Do these qualify as holiday giving? Not especially, as they are all year-round activities. Contributing to my community is vital, though, and the end/beginning of the year is a good time to pause and take note of goals and achievements. In the meantime, I’m going to eat locally grown delicious Asian pears, kale from the freezer, home-canned lemon apricot puree, and an experiment in gluten-free sourdough. Perhaps even some Christmas cookies.

*Lots of pasta, lentils, and soup. Mostly not that interesting, sometimes without even garlic and onion.

Image by BlairSnow, via Wikimedia Commons.