My mother is funny, and goats are not dogs.

A comprehensive report on urban agriculture, out of Georgia, reviews best practices without buttonholing practitioners into one model. Cities are unique, and urban ag needs to respond with flexibility.

Choosing to take, or not take, supplements can be a hassle. Where is there evidence vs. rumors? This lovely interactive diagram can help you out. Click on the bubbles, and the reason will be listed inside the bubble (i.e. fish oil for heart disease). A single supplement may have different bubbles for different conditions. Caveat: last update was March 2011.

Small steps in your food environment can make a difference: in this study, simple rearrangments in beverages cases in a large hospital led to healthier selections. If you want to take the effort home, keep the healthiest choices in the easiest to reach (or see) places. Simply storing the healthiest choices in clear containers and the less healthy options in opaque containers can shift your actions. Or, get your own colored dots to stick on foods or a list.