I’m sure at least a couple of my regular readers already have a copy of the cookbook I published last fall (press release for One Bowl: Simple Healthy Recipes for One), but I’ve finally decided to do a free e-book promotion (Kindle-only, sorry!). If you’re a Kindle user, mark March 23-24 on your calendar and drop by to grab your free copy.

Spring is a lovely time to work on brushing up your health and fitness goals: the days are getting longer, the spring vegetables are beginning to peak out of the ground, and it’s easy to feel cheerful about the future (of not being buried under eight feet of snow). As seasons change, I like to take an hour and assess how I’m doing. Am I sleeping enough? Am I eating enough vegetables? Do I have a good set of physical activities, or am I inactive/focusing too much on one activity? What about my social life and happiness? While it’s common to hear people focusing on losing weight, spring is also a great time to work on shifting away from heavily processed foods. Review just one meal per day, and you can have an impact on your health and future. Check out One Bowl for suggestions on integrating more produce into your days, and the nutrition chapter can help you generally review your food habits.

Personally, I find this time of year an easier time to set those “New Year’s” resolutions. Sometimes such goals are minor: I decided to walk at least 40 blocks (about 2 miles) per day one spring in college on days when I wasn’t getting more energetic exercise. Last year, I reached the conclusion that I was actually going to pursue a PhD, and, happily, I can announce that I will be doing so at Cornell in August/September of 2012!

By the way, there are free Kindle reader aps for most devices. Dig around for one if you’re interested in taking a look at the book but don’t have a Kindle. If you’re opposed to e-books, or discover you want a hardcopy, it’s easiest to find on amazon.