Seasonal eating means that my cooking methods also shift: come spring, I lean toward steaming, quick sautes, salads, and light broth-based soups. This year, sugar snap peas keep calling my name. While my peas are still only about 6″ high, the grocery store has had decent ones. Today’s bit of public service was doing a cooking demo/talk/tasting at the local library, and I think the sugar snap peas with peanut sauce might have been the winner. Kid-friendly and minimalist, they work well as snacks or a side dish with lunch or dinner.

Simple Sugar Snap Peas

16 oz sugar snap peas, strings removed if necessary

Wash peas. Place in a 3 quart pot with 1″ water. Cover tightly, and place over medium high heat for 5-7 minutes. One cue to focus on is scent: when you start to smell them, it’s time to check on them. An ideal pea should flex a little, but still snap when you break it or bite down. Drain, and immediately cover in cold water. Repeat until the water stays cool. Drain, and serve with a dip or dressing of your choice.

Image credit: Bill Ebbesen, via Wikimedia Commons