One problem with working in nutrition is that everyone is always thinking about food. How healthy is their meal? How healthy is your meal? Interestingly, some innovative person dug up statistics about how the general public perceives the healthfulness of different foods both for ourselves and for those around us.

Big surprise. We think our pizza is waaaay healthier than anyone else’s pizza.

Take a look at the infographic via Food + Tech. Warning: your inner editor will want to correct the grammar. Mine does. Nonetheless, the info is work checking out.

My conclusions are that you should judge yourself as you judge others. Think about your plate: the contents, their origin, your satisfaction upon eating, why you chose them, and the nutritional content. And then stop judging others, unless they are your dependents without the capacity to hold responsibility for their choices. In that case, provide them with healthful options.

Full disclosure: my mac & cheese contains vegetables, but it is ridiculously calorific. Yours might actually be healthier.