I’m not a huge fan of lettuce, but I do adore herbs. Fortunately, one of my grad school cohort introduced me to the concept of herbs + mesclun mix = delicious. Since then, the primary features that convince me that a lettuce salad’s worth eating are:

1) herbs (dressing or in the salad mix)
2) olives
3) nuts and/or fruit

If you’ve never tried an herbed salad, I do suggest giving it a whirl. The possibilities are only limited by your herb selection and imagination, but here are a few suggestions to introduce you to the basic idea. FYI, a “sprig” is one stalk, usually about 4-5 inches long. Don’t worry– you have plenty of leeway to use more or less, to your taste.

Italian Herbed Salad Mix

2 c tender lettuce, mesclun mix, baby spinach, or baby green mix
3-4 sprigs basil
3-4 sprig oregano
2-3 sprig thyme
1/2 c parsley

Pick herb leavse off the stems. Coarsley chop herbs, and mix with the greens. Serve with your favorite dressing, and any other salad ingredients you like.

French Salad Mix

2 c mesclun mix or tender lettuce
4-5 sprig tarragon
3-4 sprigs dill
3-4 sprig thyme
5-6 chives
1/4 c flat leaf parsley

Remove the thyme leaves from the stems, and remove large parsley stems. Coarsely chop all herbs and mix with the greens. Serve with a good vinaigrette.

Green Acres Herb Salad

2 c baby greens
2 sprig mint
3 sprigs dill
3-4 chives
Optional: parsley

Remove the mint leaves from the stems. Chop all the herb leaves coarsly, and toss with greens.

Want some more ideas? See this salad with mint, or try something like this chickpea and parsley salad.