Strawberry Salad Boats

I bet you don’t often think of boats and strawberries at the same time, do you?  Strawberries and cream, strawberries and shortcake, strawberries and chocolate, strawberries and jam, strawberries and picnics, even strawberries and lemonade.  Boats?  Not so much. These require relatively few ingredients, though, while still packing a boatload of flavor. Any four year old obssessed with all forms of (motorized) transit could probably be persuaded the onion was the rudder, the strawberries the passengers, and the engine is underwater. Whether you share with children or not, I hope they tickle your sense of whimsy as much as they did mine.

A little background info– a dear friend of mine was married two weeks ago, and I made it my job to feed the couple vegetables as they finished up preparations for their wedding.  One night, we ate these along with one of my college staples, a one pot Tex-Mex meal.  Fun was had by all, and they were well-nourished.  In the image below, you can see their wedding present from my parents: green linen placemats, woven by the chief goatmilker.

Strawberry Boats

You can easily make one or two for an solo appetizer, or serve a plateful as a salad course.

Per boat:
1 leaf lettuce, preferably from a firmer head lettuce like red leaf or romaine
2-3 strawberries
4-6 slivers Vidalia onion
1/4 t balsamic vinaigrette
3-4 small pieces shaved romano
Optional: add a tiny pinch of cinnamon to each tablespoon of dressing

Wash leaves and pat dry. Wash strawberries and slice or quarter. Toss the strawberries and onion slivers in the dressing. Place them on the inside of a lettuce leaf. Repeat.

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4 thoughts on “Strawberry Salad Boats

    • I know, the patience can be trying! I’m always deeply envious of those in the southern hemisphere eating great stuff in January. The advantage of heading south for a wedding is that you get a sample of great summer goodies earlier.

  1. I love recipes that mix fruits and vegetables. The presentation is beautiful especially on those placemats.

    • Thanks! Unfortunately, I’m a basic point-and-shoot photographer, so you don’t really get a good sense of the placemat’s texture. Linen always has a wonderful feel.

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