Woohoo! We had five, count ’em, five vendors with real, honest-to-goodness quantities of vegetables to buy at this morning’s farmer’s market. Turns out, mama and I visited at different times so we now have a plethora of summer squash/zucchini, a cabbage, peas, pickling cukes, a green pepper, and a precious pint of raspberries. There was more at the market, but our garden is producing fairly well so we don’t necessarily need to buy much, despite our desire to support the vendors. These days, the question “what’s for dinner?” is often followed by a comment along the lines of “Dunno.. gotta go pick it.” Last night’s supper included homegrown broccoli, snow peas, chard, and onions. Collecting my haul makes food prep longer, but the freshness can’t be beat.

It’s remarkably satisfying to be able to detail the origins of most of your plate. With the exception of grains, we’ve enjoyed the luxury of tagging our supper with proud exclamations of “locally grown… by me!” or “from my goat.” While subsistence farming is often dissed by modern culture, being able to provide that very subsistence you need for survival is reassuring in a world that feels rocky. Companies go bankrupt, grants aren’t renewed, salaries are cut, countries go broke, and yet those of us who can produce some of our own food (or barter for it) have a little extra security. Give me a shovel and some decent dirt with access to a little water and we (probably) won’t starve (quickly) as long as there’s a little grain in the pantry.

On a lighter note, a market with vegetables means I get to menu plan a few meals.

Day 1: Summer Squash and Cabbage Pancakes with Goat Cheese
Chickpea and Cucumber Salad (this plus chickpeas, perhaps?)
Day 2: Spicy Cabbage and Tofu with Peas and Peanut Sauce
Day 3: Zucchini Egg Scramble with Broccoli, Corn Tortillas, and Salsa
Day 4: Stuffed Squash with Mixed Veg Salad
Day 5: Pasta Primavera

Problem with meal planning: following it. Any suggestions on the best way to stick to you meals plans?

Full disclosure: that’s last year’s rainbow chard. *cough* Can’t find camera cord again. Must really attach it to something.