Chickens have a quite sophisticated palate. Bugs, worms, beetles, seedlings, hay, grain, and berries are all good food. Even vegetable scraps count as decent vittles. While dog food is also seriously good stuff in chicken-world, the most recent treat has been blackberries. As it happens, the giants storms basically knocked a patch of blackberry canes over enough for the chickens to gorge on all the ripe berries they can reach. They will even hop to grab a particularly delicious-looking one. Brownie, the sociable chicken pictured here, will also wait around for the people to feed her the ones out of chicken range. She’s got good aim, so you don’t need to worry about fingers so long as you are sharing. Another of her tricks is to follow whoever has a shovel or is puttering around in the garden because that means “free” worms and larvae. Today, that meant I had to defend my potato haul from the chicken. Small fingerling potatoes are just the right shape and color to attract a chicken. The volunteer gourds, though, she is welcome to raid for seeds and flesh.

Brownie is hot, as you can see by her raised wings. And she’s a serious bird, concerned about this mysterious device. Beware, if you visit, she bites if you don’t share.