I’m outright snagging the original idea behind 101 cookbooks. (Thanks, Heidi, I hope you don’t mind.) Since moving to Ithaca, I’ve found my mental energy going everywhere but to the kitchen. While I am cooking food, it’s mostly basics and I’d like to get out of the pot of rice and beans (though delicious) rut.

Vow: I will cook a recipe from one of my cookbooks every week. A quick count yielded 79 cookbooks, although there are a couple of wafflers that are books with recipes although not explicitly “cookbooks” and I might have one or two stashed somewhere other than the bookshelves, so let’s give it a 95% confidence interval of 74-84.

1. I may make minor adaptations, i.e. use a prefered type of cheese or trade whole milk for 1%.
2. All recipes will be de-glutenized.
3. All recipes will be properly cited.
4. Weeks involving travel or exams may be exempt, or compensated by double recipe weeks.
5. Expensive ingredients may be substituted.
6. Recipes cut from other publications are acceptable, although I can tell you now I don’t have citations on many of them. Sorry.

Coming up… Gourmet Today, ed. by Ruth Reichl, with a Cauliflower Soup.