Genetic variety is an important aspect of our food supply. That variety helps give our food system resilience against disease, weather variability, and insects. Unfortunately, we’ve lost a great deal of that variety, as shown in this compelling infographic.


Doesn’t it make you think? Have we made our food production too uniform? Think about variety when you grow or buy food. BUYING a wider variety of foods leads to support for growing heirloom historic, or otherwise less common varieties. Farmer’s markets and CSAs are places to explore for unusual varieties, and you may be surprised by what you can find in more mainstream markets. Check out produce shops, farm stands, and even grocery stores for foods you haven’t bought before. GROWING a wider variety of foods literally broadens the genetics in our food supply, as well as offering your personal garden more resilience. Look for local varieties or heirloom seeds. Groups that promote seeds saving likely know resources that you can access. Think outside the box– even Montecello offers some historic varieties.

Image courtesy of National Geographic, which seems to sourced it from the Rural Advancement Foundation International.