DSC01634Do you ever make something that you’ll never be able to replicate? You decide to clean of the fridge and… create poetry for the gourmand.

Somehow, when they pop out of the oven all golden and steaming, they’re delicious. Absolutely delightfully wonderful. The leftovers even inspired multiple comments from others, with whom I did not share.

What exactly underlies that process (the cooking, not the bad poetry)?

Stuffed Peppers
The rest of a jar of salsa verde, half a turnip,
a few semi-withered cloves of garlic,
the remnants of a package of brown rice grits, and some pinto beans.
Saute some spices, the bedragled remnents of a couple of packages of frozen vegetables,
an onion or two,
a little vegetable broth;
stuff it into red peppers and crown it with cheese.