So, recently, I had a conversation with a lovely woman who talked about how her garden had evolved through selective weeding, primarily with the goal of supporting wild-harvesting. At this point, I decided that my term “eating weeds” was rather downscale. Ah, well, I do eat weeds. Particularly when I have a highly neglected garden chock full of them.

Earlier this week I went for a meander through the yard and snagged a variety of plants to supplement my otherwise dull supper. From between the kale plants, I gathered several generous handfuls of wood sorrel, a lovely delicacy that reminds me of four-leaf clovers. (Don’t eat the flower stalks, they are quite tough.) From an abandoned planter, I collected a handful of infant dandelion leaves. (I find the older ones too bitter.) While I picked black raspberries, I snagged a few very young grape leaves. Finally, I snagged some mint from the yard (yes, it needs mowed badly), chives from the walkway, and thyme by the pond. Chopped together, I had a true salad d’herbs in the colonial sense. The black raspberries? Well, I think they are here somewhat purposefully, although I’m not quite sure. The red raspberries were definitely planted purposefully.

My yield? Ta-da!

DSC01863 Mostly prominently shown is the wood sorrel, in the center. All the greens were chopped finely (nearly minced) and tossed with chickpeas, cucumber, carrot, and a parmesan-balsamic vinaigrette. Quite delicious.

The raspberries were lucky to survive to the photo– while theoretically for dessert, they were promptly consumed as an pre-dinner snack.